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Better Care Starts in the Waiting Room.
How to Enhance the Patient Experience with Antimicrobial-Treated Technology


What is Antimicrobial Technology

Antimicrobial technology uses an agent that inhibits growth of contagious bacteria. Products treated with this technology, whether during manufacture or as a coating afterwards, can help prevent the spread of microbes that cause disease.

With today’s current risk of healthcare-associated illnesses (HAIs) and the impact on patient perception, it’s more important than ever for care facilities to improve their facility-wide strategy to protect through prevention. Using antimicrobial-treated products in combination with other preventative measures throughout an entire care facility, not just in care zones, can reduce the risk of HAIs and give patients confidence in their care. 


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Patients spend an average of 20 minutes in the waiting room, which is more than enough opportunity to pick up germs that can cause HAIs. What are you doing to protect your patients? Download this white paper to learn more.