The Retail Renaissance
The true story of store openings & closings

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The Truth: What's Really Happening in the Retail Industry

IHL, a global research firm, conducted a study to uncover what is really happening within the retail industry when it comes to store openings and closings. The retail transformation continues; however, while most of the mainstream press focuses on the sensational and negative notions of the demise of the brick and mortar store, the truth is since January 2017, the US retail industry has increased sales by $565.7 billion and 8,575 stores. But the study also showed that although there is an overall growth in retail, two segments within the industry are experiencing a drop in stores – Department and Specialty Soft Goods.

Download this report to learn the truth about the retail renaissance and discover what your business can do to not only survive but to thrive during these evolving times.

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Analyst Report LP bottom 2019


Retail's Renaissance