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ROI Calculator / Direct Selling

Determine your savings with this easy-to-use calculator

There is a simple and inexpensive way for the direct selling industry to reduce its volume of card-not-present (CNP) transactions and their resulting fees. This is by bringing the payment process to the point of delivery using secure mPOS solutions. To calculate monthly savings and the ROI on mPOS solutions, please:

  1. Input your average ticket amount 

  2. Input your number of sellers

  3. Input your total number of transactions per driver, per day 

  4. Input the total number of days (i.e. if for one month, you only have 22 days with deliveries, then input 22)

  5. Receive results:  

    • Total monthly savings - how much you will save each month by using an mPOS solution

    • ROI - how much time it will take before you recover the cost of your mPOS solution

Ready to start saving money?

Check out the resources below to learn more and then contact us to get started: 

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