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Recorded Webinar / Post Migration Lessons Learned + Next Steps

EMV Migration / Lessons Learned + Next Steps

View this recorded webinar to get insight from merchants who have already begun the EMV migration process plus find out what steps you need to take to accelerate your migration. You will learn:

  • The current state of the U.S. EMV migrationing-emv-migration-webinar-250x250-1.png
  • Post-liability shift deadline implications from merchants in various stages of the EMV migration process
  • Steps to implement EMV and/or get your migration strategy back on track
  • What’s next, beyond EMV (i.e. P2PE, tokenization, etc.)
  • And more…

Featured speakers:
Greg Burch,
 VP of Strategic Initiatives, Ingenico Group / North America
Allen Friedman, VP of Payments Solutions, Ingenico Group / North America


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