Your Guide to Secure Payment Solutions

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Cardholder data security is a chief concern among retailers of all sizes. The economic impact from a data breach can be astronomical and potentially reach millions in financial losses.

Download our playbook to learn how to protect the point of sale, using secure payment solutions.  Playbook resources include:

  • Cheat Sheet / 3 Reasons Why Multi-Layered Security is the Way to Go for Merchants
  • Blog / Payment Security Questions that Keep Merchants Up at Night
  • Recorded Webinar & SlideShare / PCI at the POS
  • Video / Payment Security Expert Sheds Light on Payment Security & PCI
  • Video Blog / Understanding Semi-Integrated Payments
  • And more...

Customer and partner stories


"Our POS vendor highly recommended Ingenico Group as the vendor with the most experience in EMV. Once we met the Ingenico Group team, we were impressed not only by their knowledge but also their willingness to customize a solution for our needs.”

Michael Lehman, CIO, Batteries Plus Bulbs


“Our goal has always been to provide consumers with the best customer service and in-store experiences. Ingenico Group's solutions allow us to accept different forms of payment from anywhere in the showroom, while offering a more engaging sales experience.”

Steve Wilder, CFO and CIO, City Furniture


We were impressed with their global experience and also with the responsiveness and flexibility of the Ingenico Group team – from our initial meeting all the way through our deployment, they were by our side facilitating every step of the way.”

Tom Citrano, Director, Quality Assurance, Sleepy's