Ingenico Makes It Easy

It's time to elevate the commerce experience. Ingenico makes it easy, with our innovative retail solutions that enables you to offer consumers the shopping experience they demand. Partner with Ingenico to:

  • Meet your customers where they are with our in-store, mobile and unattended solutions that create unique customer touchpoints 
  • Enable tomorrow's commerce experience today, using our next-gen technologies
  • Turn the point of sale into new points of customer engagement while also creating additional retail sales opportunities 
  • Drive in-store foot traffic with an innovative retail experience that keeps shoppers coming back

Join us at our booth for:

  • Live demos of our game-changing Telium TETRA smart terminals 
  • An up-close look at our latest mobile POS solutions
  • Live demos of our latest online and x-border commerce solutions
  • An opportunity to experience our unattended solutions in action
  • The Innovation Corner, with new and exciting FinTech innovations from our Ingenico Labs division
  • Access to our diverse group of industry experts providing insights on the future of omni-channel and IoT payments

Get Ready for the Show - Download Pre-Event Playbook

As you prepare for the show, check out our pre-event playbook full of payment solution resources, such as infographics, ebooks, cheat sheets, case studies and more.   

Download Playbook

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