It's all about the customer. And today's customer demands a seamless experience throughout the entire buying journey. Ingenico Goup can help you meet their demands, using our seamless omni-channel payment solutions:

  • In-store, online, mobile, and unattended solutions that create new consumer touchpoints and additional sales opportunities for retailers
  • Next-gen mobile solutions, such as fixed tablets for the POS
  • Integrated Services Center that simplifies the management of your payment solutions, using one centralized interface
  • Secure eCommerce technologies that help eliminate fraud, while increasing merchant profits
  • Unmatched security expertise and solutions that help safeguard your customers’ card data and protect your brand reputation


Join us at our booth for:

  • Live demos of our game-changing Telium TETRA smart terminals 
  • An up-close look at our latest mPOS solutions, including our new sleek tablet offerings that can be used as fixed POS solutions
  • Live demos of our latest online and x-border commerce solutions
  • An opportunity to experience our unattended solutions in action
  • The Innovation Corner, with new and exciting FinTech innovations from our Ingenico Labs division
  • Access to our diverse group of industry experts providing insights on the future of omni-channel and IoT payments

Get Ready for the Show - Download Pre-Event Playbook

As you prepare for the show, check out our pre-event playbook full of payment solution resources, such as infographics, ebooks, cheat sheets, case studies and more.   

Download Playbook

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