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Free Webinar | August 23rd | 2:00 - 3:00 PM EST

86% of all merchants have either begun or plan to implement an mPOS strategy. This is because mPOS can offer merchants a host of benefits that not only improves their operational efficiencies but also creates new revenue streams, while enhancing the customer experience. Whether a restaurant wants to allow guests to pay at the table or a retailer wants to use a fixed tablet-based solution at the check-out – using a sleek, consumer-friendly interface – implementing mPOS opens up a new world of opportunities for businesses across industries. 

Featured Speakers


Chris Dismukes
Senior Vice President, Sales

Mobile Solutions / Ingenico Group


Ben Wagner
Director, Solutions

North America / Ingenico Group

Join us for our webinar, Do More with mPOS: How to optimize your mPOS investment, where we will explore the latest mPOS use cases and show real world examples from our customers and partners who have implemented these solutions and have begun realizing its benefits. We will also provide strategies to ensure a seamless mPOS deployment. Attendee takeaways include:

  • Understand the industry changes that are driving the shift towards mPOS
  • Learn how you can leverage mPOS as a powerful fixed-tablet solution, complete with value-added apps, inventory and employee management, and more
  • Discover how to bypass the common mPOS complexities and certification bottlenecks
  • Hear about the wealth of benefits and features the latest mPOS solutions offer
  • mPOS implementation and deployment best practices to ensure a seamless rollout