The 5 Essential Elements of a Hotel & Lodging mPOS Strategy


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Innovative hotels, resorts and casinos are using mobile point of sale (mPOS) solutions to create entirely new guest experiences that improve service speed and convenience while creating distinct competitive advantage. With mobile POS, guests benefit from faster check-ins, remote check-ins and the flexibility to pay anywhere - poolside, golf course, or even from the comfort of the spa chair. Meanwhile, hospitality businesses benefit from cost-savings, enhanced payment security, and improved guest satisfaction.

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5 mPOS Requirements Covered in ebook:

  • Integrations - the ability to work with your preferred operating systems, gateways and more
  • Battery Life - long-lasting battery to handle a full workday and high transaction volumes
  • Device Portability  - device mobility for better guest interactions
  • Security - prevention of device theft and hacking
  • Space-Saving Design - save front desk or counter space with sleek, modern-looking devices

Give Your Guests the Best Payment Experience

By implementing an mPOS strategy, you can offer your guests a frictionless payment experience that includes faster check-ins, the ability to easily connect with loyalty programs and more. 

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The 5 Essential Elements of a Hotel & Lodging mPOS Strategy

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