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All-in-One Fixed Tablet POS Solution
Open Android | Pre-Certified


ig-lpfeat-MobyC150 (1)

The Moby/C150 is a full-featured fixed tablet POS solution that transforms the functions of a traditional electric cash register (ECR) into a sleek, high performing payment device that accepts all payment types and supports a wide-range of use cases. Features and benefits include:

  • EMV & PCI pre-certified, enabling faster speed to market
  • Turnkey & developer-friendly SDKs, with access to gateway
  • User-friendly 15.6" touch screen that enhances customer engagements
  • Optional secondary screen for dual-screen usage
  • Ability to download and run additional business applications
  • Open Android OS allows simple app distributions
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Enterprise durability & performance

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