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Analyst Report / Ingenico Orchestrates Value at the POS with the Axium D7

With the launch of the Axium D7, Ingenico Group is embracing the growing pervasiveness of software by converting the POS terminal into both an orchestrator and enabler of the applications that matter most to SMBs. Axium paves the way for smaller merchants to become digital connected stores by offering the full capabilities of a native open Android operating environment on a sleek and feature-rich Tablet POS solution. 451 Research Analyst, Jordan McKee provides his take on Ingenico's latest innovation in this analyst report.

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Topics covered include:

  • Product Review::451 Research's take on the Axium D7 solution
  • Features & Benefits: Details of Axium D7's features and benefits, including it's dual-facing display, benefiting both the merchant and the consumer
  • Strategy: Insight into the go-to-market strategy
  • Competitive Analysis: See how Axium D7 stands out among other industry player

Sleek and Feature-Rich POS

According to 451 Research, the Axium D7 boasts a strong and highly functional design that ties into robust software and services ecosystem. Its platform fosters a marketplace of third-party applications that merchants can access from the device to better run and manage their businesses.

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Ingenico Orchestrates Value at the POS with the Axium D7

Analyst Report